Battery Plugged in not Charging Problem in Windows 10 (Two simple solutions)

Battery plugged in not chargin error in windows 10? Unable to charge your laptop battery anymore in windows 10? Try these two simple steps and check if that works for you!
Note: if your battery is completely empty don’t unplug the charger before these two steps. If the battery is not empty, then please unplug the charger before these two simple methods.
Method 1: right click on windows taskbar I task manager I windows explorer I click on it and click on “end task” at the bottom of task manager
Method II : right click on windows start button I device manager I batteries I right click on Microsoft ACPI-compliant control method Battery and select “uninstall” now to bring the battery back click on “action”(top menu) and select “scan for hardware changes” Restart your system to apply the changes you have made!

Hope this helps. Please keep us posted as your feedback will improve our service.
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